Brief description

Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG is the system company of Baumüller. Hardware and software solutions for automation are developed here and complete applications are also developed. Together with mechanical engineers, the overall concept of the system is specified and then the automation system is planned.


We cover all phases of an automation projection across companies of the Baumüller Group and take care of the entire implementation coordination for you. In this way, you have a contact partner and can rely on the proven Baumüller quality.


From single services to the total package: All services are offered modularly. For you, this means full flexibility of the design and implementation of the entire machine and system or, for example, only the creation of a concept.


Baumüller offers a comprehensive, scalable portfolio of intelligent hardware and software for the implementation of automation and drive solutions. However, the total solutions are implemented manufacturer-independent and according to your requirements.


Depending on your requirements, we take care of the design and realization of your new systems or the setup and conversion of your existing systems.


Benefit from our experience from a variety of automation solutions for a wide range of industries and application areas.