Electric Commercial Vehicles and Work Machines

Fully electric and hybrid drive systems for mobile work machines, commercial vehicles and public transportation

The drive concept powerMELA® is used in mobile commercial vehicles and work machines.

Electric mobility is a pioneering technology that provides answers to today's problems, such as the scarcity of fossil fuels, noise pollution and CO2 emissions. Do you want an environmentally friendly solution for your drive technology and automatization? Then you are in good hands with our electric mobility engineering specialists.

We will develop intelligent drive systems for you for fully electric and hybrid mobile work machines, commercial vehicles and public transportation. For the optimal system, we utilize our decades of experience to implement your hybrid or fully electric drive system.

Our Solutions

Already today you will find our low-noise and low-emission drive solutions used in hybrid snow groomers, agricultural machines or in fully electric city buses.



eTruck - E-Mobility for functional vehicles & agricultural machines


Stefan Krahn
Global Sales Director


Farm and Wheel Loader
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