Marine Solutions

Our company can look back on decades of experience in drive technology. As a system integrator, we develop the optimal drive and automation solutions for you. All from a single source, from the engine to the engineering for the entire drive train and from the battery to ship management systems, we offer the right hardware and software solutions. In the process, we work in a solution-oriented and manufacturer-independent manner. 1 Efficient Ship Propulsion Systems                                                                      

Our aim is to make a contribution to environmental and climate protection and at the same time to offer our customers a future-oriented, stable and cost-conscious solution.

Hybrid ferry Farge: Baumüller equips the drive system with the latest technology

Our advantages:

  • Solution-oriented: Standard components or customer-specific drive developments
  • Experience: A large number of successfully implemented projects
  • Future-oriented: Efficient and powerful hybrid and electric drives
  • Expertise: High quality and reliable products in shipbuilding
  • Quick and customer-oriented decision-making paths: Experience and advantages of a globally operating, successful and innovative family-run company with tradition
  • Global service


Stefan Krahn
Global Sales Director


Hybrid and fully electric drive systems for ships
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