The service:

In the fully electric ferry with an innovative drive concept, both ship propellers of the ferry are driven by two powerMELA systems each in a double gearbox with 2 x 140 kW each. The propulsion system and the on-board network of the ferry are operated by 250 KWh lithium ion battery banks, which are charged overnight using shore power via the shore power grid and a solar energy system with a stationary battery. During the day, solar cells on the ferry’s roof feed additional energy into the batteries. The electric drive with 80 batteries allows for an average travel speed of six knots and four hours of operating time. The charge time is about three hours.

靖海造船 試航 2017/12/13

The Details

  • Compact design of the drive system
  • High efficiency: more than 97 percent
  • Energy recovery


Stefan Krahn
Global Sales Director