Hybrid Ferry ÆrøXpressen

The service

For the new hybrid ferry in Denmark, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik supplied the entire hybrid system. The German company took charge of the engineering for propulsion and power generation, including: diesel generator electric engine, propeller and bow thruster drives, power distribution system and on-board power generation. Components specially developed to meet the needs of the ships are used.

The new ferry is a diesel-electric hybrid solution: It is propelled by electric motors, and diesel generators are still on board only to generate electricity. Alternatively, it can also be battery operated. In port, the ferry is fully electric. The modern hybrid drive significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions. The new ferry is not only environmentally friendly, but also fast at 11 knots: the crossing time between the ports of Æro and Rudkøbing will take about 45 minutes. In addition, the hybrid drive concept ensures that the ferry has good maneuverability and very low vibration.

The details

  • Innovative hybrid drive system
  • High degree of efficiency: More than 97 percent
  • Energy recovery


Stefan Krahn
Global Sales Director