Hybrid Ferry Farge

The service

In close cooperation with the shipyard SET, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik took over the complete engineering of the propulsion system, which is a combination of Baumüller products and third party components, such as batteries. In addition to the drives and control cabinets, Baumüller also supplied special software for energy management on board.

The principle of the ferry's innovative propulsion system is that diesel engines and electric motors are skillfully combined to produce maximum efficiency. Three diesel engines are on board, of which only two are regularly in operation and one is considered as an emergency generator. In total, the so-called generator power units provide a total capacity of over 1300 kVA. The diesel engines only act as generators and as such are no longer exposed to power peaks, as would be the case with direct use as propulsion. As a result, the diesel engines are always operated with optimal efficiency and can be smaller right from the start. Excess energy produced by the generators or returned to the system through feedback is stored in batteries instead of being lost as heat as was previously the case. All batteries are housed in a separate battery room and have a total capacity of 80 kW

Hybrid ferry Farge: Baumüller equips the drive system with the latest technology

The details

  • Innovative hybrid drive system
  • High degree of efficiency: More than 97 percent
  • Energy recovery




Stefan Krahn
Global Sales Director